6 New Steps to Increase Spotify Listeners

Spotify Listeners

Getting your tracks on Spotify is not really difficult but making huge money by Spotify listeners is not a child’s play. This does not however mean you cannot earn big money, you certainly can, and this is exactly what we shall help you discover.

We have created a step-by-step guide that will help you earn huge with your music. But, before we go through the steps, let us learn a few basics.

Things You Need To Be Aware Of About Spotify If You Want To Make Money as an Artist

The money that you make from Spotify is known as royalties. And, the number of royalties that your song will make will be calculated by Spotify for artists depending on how many streams your music gets. This money comes from the profits that Spotify gets from ad placements and subscription fees.

Now, if you want to make big money from Spotify listeners you need more streams and how you will do so is what we shall now help you learn.

Spotify Listeners

You Should Always Have the Ownership of Your Music

There are many musicians, even some popular ones, who are not in support of streaming. They even say that it is not just possible to use it to earn money. But, the fact is, these very artists are actually making a huge sum for their own label.

What you need to remember is that once you have published your own song, and have started using Spotify for artists, you always must hold on to your rights. Never make the mistake of selling your master recordings’ ownership. If you do so, then you will be at loss, because you will only be getting a small bit of the deal.

You are an independent artist and you must be proud of the rights that you hold. Just give a little cut to your distributor and the rest is for you to enjoy.

Release Your Music and Always Remain Active

Another important thing to remember is that releasing music frequently is essential if you want to retain and grow your fan base, and also if you want to grow as an artist.

If, as a content creator (even musician), you stay away from offering content for a long time, then your fans will have to keep waiting. And, the fact is, very few fans will have the patience to wait for too long.

So, make sure you are always active. You can publish new singles often, interact with your fans on social media platforms, or do other such things.

Do Not Underestimate the Influence of Old Music

Earlier, music came with a shelf-life. New music had the scope of becoming very popular, but if it missed that chance, then nothing could be done.

But now, music really does not come with an expiry date as it earlier did. Your music that was a hit when it got released can be a classic now. And, even if your music was not much noticed earlier, it can very well become a hit today.

So, do not underestimate the power of the music that you created earlier – share it again, stream it, play it, and promote it. Remember, a few may have heard your song, but it will still be new to many people today and always.

Spotify Listeners

A Little Knowledge about SEO Will Help

Just like most other musicians, perhaps you too do not know much about SEO. Also, you perhaps feel that it can play no role in helping you make big money with Spotify for artists. Well, you need to start thinking differently then.

In case, you have a website, then you can use SEO to drive listeners, musicians, and even producers to the works that you have created.

Once you have created your social media profiles and your own website then you basically have put your name there. It is just that there are no business cards but web pages.

The search engine algorithm will recognize you and will direct others towards your work. So, make sure you create a website and social media profiles and use keywords including your name, the school where you have studied, the city you are from, the kind of music you create, and other such things that people may search for.

It will be a good idea to make use of free SEO online tools to figure out those keywords that are related to your work and are also popular. You can then use it along with Spotify data and grow your number of fans and listeners. And remember, after you have created your social media accounts and website, do link everything so that it becomes easy for your fans to find you.

Increase Your Online Popularity

It is also very important to boost your popularity online. For this purpose, you must have an account on:

• TikTok

• YouTube

• Instagram

• Facebook

Each of these platforms has a different feel, look, and media focus. But, each of them is important, will increase your online popularity, and attract more listeners. So, if you are really interested in making big money with Spotify listeners for artists then you just cannot ignore an active presence on each of these social media platforms.

Spotify Listeners

Give Importance to Playlist Hierarchy

Last, but not least, getting on playlists is crucial. You perhaps know that playlists are needed but you likely are not aware of how big an impact they can create as far as your music is concerned.

If you find a presence in a popular playlist then you can make thousands of dollars in no time at all and there will be no limit to your popularity.

Now, to earn a position in playlists you first need to start small. You can begin by placing your music on some personal playlist that is chosen by you and some other musicians. Then, you can place your song on some official Spotify playlist and then you can aim bigger.

SongsFollow can prove to be of great help to you as here you can buy Spotify listeners, followers, and plays – all of which are essential if you want to make big money with Spotify for artists.

To Conclude

Starting your career in music is not easy. Everyone wants to be popular and earn big money but very few know the right way to do it. You, however, need not worry as we have you sorted. Just follow the steps given above and soon enough your list of followers and fans will increase, your music will start getting more and more popular, and with it will come the big money that you always have dreamt of.



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