Amazing Guide to Gain Spotify Followers

Spotify Followers

Spotify is among the most popular apps for offline music. Its service allows users to stream any artist, album, or playlist in the world for free. However, it is always helpful to build some Spotify followers so that your profile can give off a more organic appearance and use Spotify as a way of marketing your future albums and performances.

How to grow Spotify followers

The following are the ways through which you can increase the size of your follower base:

1. Share your music with friends and family

The easiest way to get more followers is to share your tracks with your family and friends on Spotify. It would be great if you could also share them with artists, adding comments on how you enjoy their music. You can share through platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Instagram is also a great way to connect with your listeners. For example, you can share a photograph of your band while they are performing on stage and tag the artist. This would be a perfect way to promote yourself without appearing commercial.

2. Create and promote your playlists

You can also create and promote playlists on Spotify. Your listeners would be able to follow a series of your favorite tracks. You can also use these playlists to promote your music, providing the right title and the right tags. In addition, you may want to create a playlist that is dedicated to your band’s music and add your work to it. Through SoundsFollow your music will reach out to more people and buy more Spotify followers.

Spotify Followers

3. Pitch your music to Spotify playlist Curators

You can also pitch your music to Spotify playlists that are dedicated to the genre of music that you produce. Fortunately, there is a directory where you can search for a perfect playlist and submit your tracks. You can follow the below simple steps to pitch your music:

> Log in to Spotify

> Click the “Browse” button on the right side of your dashboard.

> Select “Pitch a song” and “Pitch this song”

> Fill out the form and send it to the playlist manager

> Once your track is in a playlist, you will have to promote your song by tagging the playlist managers on social media or by publishing a blog post about your music.

After submitting your track directly or pitching your song to a playlist, be mindful of:

– Avoid submitting to every playlist curator

Take time to make a selection to pitch your music. For instance, if you are a rock artist, pitch your music to Spotify playlists such as The Rock Show and Alt Nation.

– Promote your music on the Spotify platform

Understand that the Spotify playlist does not only promote your track to their listeners but also promotes it to all their followers. Do your best to promote your music on Spotify. Also, the Spotify algorithm rewards tracks that are in the playlist pool.

– Consider the curator’s time

Curators do not have the time to listen to everything that is being submitted. Also, you are likely to get your tracks rejected if it is not in line with the genre or does not meet the standards of the playlist. Therefore it’s up to you to find the right curator to pitch your music and make your album a success.

Spotify Followers


The most important thing to understand about Spotify is that it does not give out free music. Use SoundsFollow to have more listeners accessing your albums and songs. In addition, you can promote your music by tagging the playlist on social media channels. This way you do not only promote your artist page but also your album.



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