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Why Should You Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners?

Spotify is one of the leading streaming platforms worldwide. If you find your song streaming on Spotify, you know you have made it in the music industry. Besides being booked for concerts, you need people to constantly stream your music on different audio platforms like Spotify to make a living. How do you know that you are getting multiple listeners on Spotify? It is simple! Do you need Spotify monthly listeners?


This is a feature whereby the artist follow-up up to see how many people are streaming their music on Spotify for 28 days, equating to a month. Depending on how you manage it, it can also help artists get more followers on their accounts. In most cases, artists will be rated to have a successful record depending on the number of streamers playing their songs and following them. For people looking for a better recording label, Spotify monthly listeners can help them get a good deal. Most music elites and producers check artists’ influence and the number of streams they get on such huge platforms before giving them a record deal.


Although there are free Spotify Monthly Listeners, which you can download from different websites, it is always good to buy the package for your peace of mind. Besides, buying Spotify Monthly Listeners is inexpensive as you can get a good and reliable Spotify monthly listeners package. The cost range from 50 dollars up to even 100 dollars and above, depending on the features available and the platform you buy from.


Easy to monitor songs performance

It is one thing to go to the best studio and record a fantastic song and release it on different platforms, but monitoring how the song performs may be daily, or even for months, can be challenging. With buying Spotify monthly listeners, it is much easier to gather information about the people who stream your song, how many new and recurring listeners you get on your page, and how your song is doing in this mainstream. It is easy to measure your song’s success or failure if you have the exact number of data of people listening to it. So, with Spotify monthly listeners, it is super easy to see listeners in numbers; hence, whether your streams increase or decrease, you will be able to see all that.

Facilitates your overall growth

I want to say that having Spotify monthly listeners is like creating your fan page. Therefore, you are guaranteed that everything you post on your account, whether it is a new record or a small sample clip of your album, there will be people to watch all of it.

Increases more listeners

This can be achieved through referrals or general search options. For example, if I am your listener and notice a song that my friend would love to stream, I will tell them about you. Also, if my friends like your song, they will subscribe to you, which means more followers and more streams for you. The other thing is that people randomly search for new music or maybe rising artists on Spotify; hence, if such people happen to be among your followers, you end up getting more audience.



Cheap is expensive

Never go for cheap Spotify monthly listeners; instead, focus on quality and long-term success, which means you will have to spend more money on that.

Know the platform you buy from

Multiple platforms sell Spotify monthly listeners, but only some of these platforms are legit or promote a good following. In this case, you will meet some platforms offering relatively low charges but avoid falling for that. It is about more than just promising you listeners in a month, but rather, helping you earn long-term listeners who will help boost your streams. So, choose a reputable platform as you shop around for a platform to purchase the monthly listeners’ package. You can ask for references from other artists who have gained success through Spotify monthly listeners.

Consider getting followers as well

If you believe in yourself and your music, always buy Spotify followers. Please take it as a method of marketing your music by bringing people to your account to see and hear what you deliver. Always choose a platform to help you buy followers to your page, such as SoundsFollow.


It is one thing to buy the monthly listeners’ package from a reputable company and another thing to work hard to maintain them. Therefore, it is up to you to invent methods that will increase your listeners and even attract more listeners and followers to your page. How?

Spotify monthly listeners promotion

This is whereby you promote not only one song to gain streams but also your entire account. Let your listeners/followers know more about you in terms of; the music you produce, what you are working on, how you record and shoot your videos, and so on. Let your account be exciting and keep your listeners entertained all through. If you keep your listeners engaged, be sure they will remember you.

Be consistent

Consistent means ensuring you renew your monthly subscription and follow up with your listeners. There are multiple ways to buy Spotify monthly listeners, and you can use the same methods to renew the subscription. For example, some platforms allow artists to buy Spotify monthly listeners via Paypal, MasterCard, etc. Being constant will also help you get monthly Spotify listeners hustle-free.


How do you boost your streams and followers on Spotify? Well, the best method is to purchase Spotify monthly listeners. This helps you to spread your music to different people, earn followers and even get the proper recognition. It is a method of promoting your music and getting a large fan base as long as it meets their expectations. Ensure to buy the monthly listeners package from a reputable and well-known platform for the best results.

Frequently FAQ

We will promote your music through our partner network. This promotion is how you will increase your engagement with online radio stations, playlists, advertising campaigns, and more.

Ensuring you get real engagement is vital. Our Premium Plan combines playlist connections and ad campaigns. With our ad campaigns, independent artists can effortlessly gain exposure. And our connection to hundreds of playlist curators around the globe will help you gain traction anywhere:

  1. Our marketing campaigns are active on many different websites and blogs relevant to your genre of music. This system gives you more exposure and streams from listeners that genuinely want to listen to your music.
  2. Hundreds of playlist curators and influencers will promote your music. Since we don’t have control over these playlists, this isn’t a surefire way to promote your music. They will promote based on their preference. – *Only for Premium Plans*

Yes, our Spotify Promotion Service is 100% safe! We try to promote your music to the best of our ability in the most organic way possible. However, the performance of your campaign could be subpar. Even though we can’t make people like your music, we can still ensure the right audiences are made aware of your music.

For the best possible interaction, we will promote your music across a network of websites and blogs, including popular news websites. This will also target blogs relevant to your musical genre, as was already mentioned, to help you build a niche audience.

This low-cost campaign is made possible by our system of programmatic ads and network of independent playlist curators. 

You can decide how long your promotion will last. Our promotions typically have a month-long duration and are renewable. If, however, you decide that you no longer require our services or only want to give it a trial run, you may cancel at any time. Just know that until your subscription expires, we will continue to promote your music.

With our help, you won’t have to worry about fake engagements brought on by any kind of bot. We see to it that your engagement happens naturally. Each campaign makes use of targeted blog outreach, marketing campaigns, and playlists to increase engagement. Everything we do fully complies with Spotify’s terms of service.

You’re under no obligation to stick with one plan or to have one at all. You can cancel your subscription or change your plan at any time with no penalties or fees. As long as your subscription is active, we will continue to work on your campaign.

Through our billing dashboard, you can make whatever modifications you want. Even after your subscription expires, feel free to get in touch with us for suggestions on how to grow your channel.

We want to help great artists succeed. But if for some reason you’re not entirely satisfied, we’ll promptly refund 100% of your money within 30 days of your initial purchase. You will have 30 days to try our services and will be completely protected.

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