How To Write A Good Country Song

Country Song

Country songs always have dance tunes and ballads with folk lyrics, harmonies, and simple forms. But, like other music genres, its rhythm continues to evolve as established stars and fearless newcomers adopt new lyric approaches.

So, to succeed in this industry, you need to understand the rules of making your song a hit. Country songwriters should tap into the history of the songs, use suitable instruments, such as guitars and create an affiliation with cowboys.

If you are struggling to make country music songs, here are some ideas.

Focus on Achieving a Catchy Melody

Once you make the melody your main focus, you don’t need to worry about how to write a good country song. After all, what are country songs about if not an unforgettable melody?

People will always gravitate toward groovy melodies in these songs. So, to make it stick in everyone’s head, write about what you know and dramatize it. Then, dive deep into what most people connect with, whether sexual differences, money or celebrations.

Bring in some pop songwriting when writing your sad country song lyrics. This way, you’ll create a repetitive hook that makes it a hit. So, people will still hum to it even after it stops playing.

Some of the best country songs have a hook in the beginning, like in the first 60 seconds. It can be a recurring word or phrase or a chorus.

It can also be more than a single thing in the song as long as you make one the main hook. But, then, let the other hooks come in time to keep people engaged.

Catchy country melodies can be sung with a simple chord progression, strong harmonies, simple drawl, or have smattering traditional instruments such as banjo, harmonica and fiddle.

Decide Your Country Song Theme

Different pop and hip-hop songs connect with people because of their catchy agenda. So, you have to decide what your song is about before you create the lyrics.

Country Song
The album RED (Taylor’s Version)

Some popular country song themes include drinking, values, family, and love. But, since these are general things that most people know, you’ll have to stage it uniquely by touching on an aspect most songwriters avoid.

You can also deviate from these themes and focus on one of the varieties. For instance, you can go for heartbreaks under the love theme or substance abuse under drinking.

Nonetheless, your chosen theme has to connect with your audience for your song to hit. So, first, assess recent country hit songs to identify a viable topic.

However, feel-good songs are successful right now, so try focusing on this theme. This success can be attributed to the draining economy that drives people to find consolation in music.

Make It a Bit Rule-Breaking

Country songs have always been rebellious over the years. So, as a songwriter, you can also employ a bit of rule-breaking. But first, understand where you can and can’t experiment.

For instance, you can change the song structure and begin with the whole or part of the chorus. This way, you’ll also make your post-chorus popular.

People might even love it more than the chorus itself. Furthermore, you can employ the ‘explosive chorus, quite a verse’ technique.

In addition, you can also keep the verses simple, short, and memorable. For example, some country song lovers get bored when the pre-chorus is prolonged.

They prefer jumping to the chorus quicker. But your lyrics also matter so the short verses should also be well-written.

Your song structure can be in the following order:

  1. Verse 1
  2. Pre-chorus
  3. Verse 2
  4. Pre-chorus
  5. Chorus
  6. Instrumental or solo section
  7. Final chorus

However, you don’t have to try everything at once; you can begin with a simple country song and advance as you get comfortable.

Making your song rule-breaking still has to be in line with fundamental rules in country music songs for it to be a hit. For instance, it has to obey the following rules:

  • Make it 3-3.5 minutes long.
  • Get to the chorus in less than a minute.
  • Create an ‘obvious’ title and implement it in the chorus.
  • Make the title your first chorus line.
  • Use a structure similar to recent hit songs other than country music.

How to make a country song

Have Specific Steps to Follow:

Some country songwriters work best when they follow a guide. So, here are some country song step-by-step tips to consider.

First, choose the theme, which includes writing down every topic you want to tackle. For instance, love. Then, narrow down your theme to one topic: the love of your life, someone who lost a loved one, or the love of your dreams.

Next, write down what you feel about the topic to express your emotions; if you choose to focus on a lost loved one, write down everything you experienced together. This way, you’ll always intrigue your audience.

Next, you’ll have to write the lyrics before developing a rhythm. So, create a verse, pre-chorus, chorus, and post-chorus from the words you used to express your emotions.

Ensure that your chorus carries the weight of the message you want to convey to the audience. After which, you’ll translate the lyrics into a song.

Finally, sing and record a temporary file of the song. Again, you can use tape or your phone to record and make changes where you see fit.

Work With Other Writers

You still have to master the co-writing art even when you love the solitary country songwriting style. This skill comes in handy when constantly releasing new songs, especially with the music streaming pressure.

Country Song
the JAYHAWKS with the album “Hollywood Town Hall”

Co-writers will help you write faster and better because you brainstorm country song ideas and bring them to life. In addition, you can employ the ‘lyric fragment’ policy where you only create part of the lyrics.

Final Thoughts

Country music songs aren’t the easiest to write, but you can create a masterpiece with a suitable approach. You can easily become a top country songwriter when you follow the trends and approach your music with your audience in mind.



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