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You want to know what will happen once you order a playlist promotion from us. I will guide you through each step for your better understanding. Once you order playlist promotion, it will go to the music supervisors. Experts will listen to music before going ahead since we focus on quality to get the most out of our effort.

Once they send a request for your song, we will cross-check it to avoid any confusion. We will approve it if we find it the best fit and will give approval based on the music promotion packages. Your package will decide the number of curators and other factors.

For example, if you consider a small package for your music promotion campaign, you will have only one or two curators. They will focus on music management and promotion by putting your song on lists. However, you can expect more from a big package. You will have a satisfied playlist campaign, and your music will come in many playlists. As a result, you can get the best music promotion and enough streams to get the desired exposure fast. In brief, the package will decide your reach and success. You can focus on paid music promotion when the objective is better exposure.

While working with us, likes and followers will not decide success. Instead, the activity and lists will play a determining role.

In our network, we work consistently to run tabs on all lists. The process is time-consuming, but we use an advanced system to know the performance of each playlist. Also, our online music promotion strategy covers all the proven aspects. We use analytics to ensure a fast and efficient campaign. Our dedication and consistency make us one of the best music promotion sites.

That is how we work to promote your music. We listen to your music, suggest improvements when needed, and send your music to our curators. When you have a smaller campaign, we select a specified amount of playlists for the promotion. However, it might take longer to complete the process when you pay for music promotion and choose a bigger amount list. We have to pitch your music to several playlists when you want the benefit of using many music promotion websites.

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Since we get many songs for promotion, the lists might be overflowing. In that condition, we search for new curators to promote your music. Also, we repitch it to our curators and help you with the desired exposure. Sometimes, we focus on growing our network and expanding our reach to more curators. We promote playlists on Instagram and Facebook. The objective is to make your music popular on different platforms.

That is how we work from start to finish. You can consider us if you want cheap music promotion. You can also pair Spotify with Instagram, SoundCloud, and YouTube. We together can help with the best exposure since you can promote your music on leading music promotion sites. Our music promotion services will cover from start to finish to help with the best outcome.

Now you know how we work and how we can promote your music. Reach out to our expert if you have any doubts. You can contact us through text message, DM, phone, email, or chat. We will appreciate all your queries and help you find a suitable solution.






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This is promotion to real people! They are free to engage with your track. Obviously, you will get higher engagement with high quality music and marketing strategy. Also, number of subscriber, likes as well as views will increase

We never use bots or fake plays. That is why we give a range of expected plays for your campaign. This range is estimated. Your campaign has the possibility of doing better or worse. We strive to do the best we can, but it is indeed organic promotion. We cannot force people to like your track, but we can do our absolute best to ensure it gets seen by the right people.

We can do all genres! Our main stipulation is that your video or song does not contain explicit content. So if your video or song includes these elements, we will not be able to promote.

Yes you may, but please do not submit any songs contain explicit content in any language. A lyric sheet must be provided upon request for any songs submitted that are not in English.

Your order will be responded to within 1 to 5 business days with details on the initial processing of the order. Most orders start to see results within 7 business days of purchase. Rush orders are processed within 1-2 business days and can see results sooner due to the faster processing.

Your music is promoted via playlist placements. We have hundreds of playlists in our network that have been vetted across virtually every music genre.
We then put the song in varying lists depending on the package ordered.


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